Welcome to the ThermoML Converter!

The ThermoMLConverter is a website where data represented in the IUPAC ThermoML XML specification and currently published at the NIST TRC website that has been ingested into a MySQL database and made accessible on this website. This site is built using CakePHP 2 If you would like more information about this project please contact Stuart Chalk.

This site also provides functionality to download the data as JSON-LD in the SciData framework format. The SciData framework is a generalized data model for storing scientifc data in an organized semantic representation, and as this site outputs the data in JSON-LD it can be converted to RDF or ingested into a graph database for use in machine learning.

This website is described in this paper, the code and complete datasets in MySQL and JSON-LD are availabl online via GitHub.

NOTE: This site is not affiliated with nor supported by NIST TRC, however the developer is appreciative of the quality of data in the TRC ThermoML repository and has created this website to make the data available in additional formats.